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St.John The Baptist Church, Dysart

The Knights of Columbus have four(4) virtues.
These virtues are
and Patriotism.

Columbianism began in Dysart when it became a Sub council of the Regina Council of #1247 on April 26, 1959. The council continued under this charter until it received its own charter as the Dysart Council #5557 on June 13, 1964. With the leadership of the Grand Knight, Raymond Konecsni, the group of brothers worked on spreading and developing the virtues of being part of the Knights of Columbus.

After 46 years, the Knights have accomplished a lot in this timeframe. In the past years, the Knights have received several recognitions. These included the Colombian Awards from 2005 to 2010. The church was awarded in 2004-2005 for raising the Bell Project at Kronsberg Cemetery. They received Community Activity Awards in 2008-2009 for Project Moses. Also, the Knights have been actively involved with the Wheel Chair Foundations of Canada and worked with providing equipment for the Cupar Nursing Home. The Knights have also funded a room in the new All Nations Hospital in Fort Qu'Appelle.

The Knights also provide scholarships to Catholic students who are from Dysart and Graduate from either Lipton or Cupar School. In addition, the Knights have provided funding towards the roof and basement light projects in the church. In the summer of 2010 they added a second billboard sign just south of Dysart. The Knights have 36 members, they reside in Dysart, Cupar, Lipton, and Regina.